About ITS

About ITS

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The International Thermoelectric Society (ITS) is a non-profit, incorporated, professional Society organized:

  • TO PROMOTE an understanding of the role thermoelectric technology may play in environmental impact and mitigating global climate change;
  • TO PROMOTE the advancement of the thermoelectric industry, science and engineering;
  • TO PROMOTE collection and exchange of information and education which will benefit the thermoelectric community;
  • TO PROMOTE systemization of measurements to and in comparison of materials and devices;
  • TO PROMOTE awareness of the larger community to thermoelectric issues
    and solicit wider involvement;
  • TO PROMOTE various forums of exchange of information and achievements;
  • TO PROMOTE a mechanism for coordinating and promoting conferences;
    and, other charitable activities associated with these goals.

To further these goals the Society annually organizes the International Conference on Thermoelectrics and publishes ITSnews, an a-periodic Newsletter available by free subscirption.

Benefits of Registering as a Website User

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Not the page you were looking for? You may have been denied access to the page you were looking for because you haven't logged in as a registered website User.

Registering as a User of this website is free, easy and gives you the opportunity to post announcements for conferences, jobs, websites etc.  Just use the login/register  link.

Once you've registered and responded to the confirming email, you gain permission to make postings of your own on the website.  Login and you'll find links to create

  • Upcoming Conference announcements
  • Job announcements
  • Postings in the public Forums
  • An entry to ZTlinks, our collection of companies and information available on the web. 
Conference and Job announcements posted in this way are automatically included in future mailings of ITSnews@its.org, the Newsletter of the International Thermoelectric Society.
You'll also be able to login later and update any content you created.
Also, if your email address matches our records as an attendee of the most recent International Conference on Thermoelectrics you will automatically be granted additional privileges on our website as a member of the ITS. You don't have to be a member of the ITS to access our website. But it helps.
We ask that you keep on topic, posting only items related to thermoelectricity. We reserve the right to delete inappropriate content.

ITS Contact Form

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Please use the ITS Contact form if you would like more information about the Interantional Thermoelectric Society (ITS). Be sure to include a valid email address. Please understand that we prefer this form for initial contact to reduce spam.

General Questions About Thermoelectrics

For General question about thermoelectrics, we prefer you register for the website and use the ITS Public Forum at:


You will have a better chance of getting your question answered there, because more people will see it. We do monitor that forum and, if we have anything useful to add, we'll post our remarks there.

Website Issues, Bugs & Questions

As the website is under constant construction, we appreciate bug reports, directed to the ITS Webmaster.

Thanks for your attention!