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Kanno T, Takahashi K, Sakai A, Tamaki H, Kusada H, Yamada Y.  2013.  Detection of Thermal Radiation, Sensing of Heat Flux, and Recovery of Waste Heat by the Transverse Thermoelectric Effects. Journal of Electronic Materials.
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Kristiansen N.R., Snyder G.J., Nielsen H.K., Rosendahl L..  2012.  Waste Heat Recovery from a Marine Waste IncineratorUsing a Thermoelectric Generator. Journal of Electronic Materials. 41(6):1024-1029.PDF icon ICT-2011-Best-App-Kristiansen.pdf (431.15 KB)
Kubouchi M, et al.  2013.  Quantitative analysis of interstitial Mg in Mg2Si studied by single crystal X-ray diffraction. Proceedings on the 32rd International Conference on Thermoelectrics, ICT2013.