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Vining CB.  1993.  Lecture 2: Thermoelectric Fundamentals and Physical Phenomena. SCT-93 Short Course on Thermoelectrics. Vining-Lecture2-SCT93.pdf (672.86 KB)
Fleurial J-P.  1993.  Lecture 3: Selection and Evaluation of Materials for Thermoelectric Applications. SCT-93 Short Course on Thermoelectrics. Fleurial-Lecture3-SCT93.pdf (2.64 MB)
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Stockholm JG.  1993.  Lecture 7: How to use Thermoelectrics for Cooling - Modular Approach. SCT-93 Short Course on Thermoelectrics. Stockholm-Lecture7-SCT93.pdf (2.27 MB)
Uemura K.  1993.  Lecture 8i: Laboratory Applications. SCT-93 Short Course on Thermoelectrics. Uemura-Lecture8i-SCT90.pdf (1.37 MB)
Stockholm JG.  1993.  Lecture 8ii: Industrial Applications. SCT-93 Short Course on Thermoelectrics. Stockholm-Lecture8ii-SCT93.pdf (864.05 KB)
Buist RJ.  1993.  Lecture 8iii: Consumer Applications of Thermoelectric Cooling. SCT-93 Short Course on Thermoelectrics. Buist-Lecture8iii-SCT93.pdf (776.71 KB)