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Lee Y., Lo S.H, Chen C., Sun H., Chung D.Y, Chasapis T.C, Uher C., Dravid V.P, Kanatzidis M.G.  In Press.  Contrasting Role of Sb and Bi Dopants in the Enhancement of Thermoelectric Performance of PbSe. Journal of Electronic Materials.
Yazawa K, Silaen AK, Wu B, Zhou CQian, Shakouri A.  In Press.  Cost effective topping thermoelectric power generation on coal fired power plants. Journal of Electronic Materials.
Aranguren P., Astrain D., Rodríguez A., Martínez A..  In Press.  Design And Experimentation Of A Thermoelectric Generator Placed In The Exhaust Channel Of A Combustion Chamber. Journal of Electronic Materials.
An T-H, Lim YSoo, Seo W-S, Park C-H, Park C.  In Press.  Effects of Bi Vacancy on Thermoelectric Properties in Bi1-xCuOSe. Journal of Electronic Materials.
Lee K.H, Choi S.M, Yang D.J.  In Press.  Enhanced thermoelectric performance of p-type Bi-Sb-Te alloys by co-doping of Ga2Te3 and Ag. Journal of Electronic Materials.
Pernau H-F, Bartel M, Jacquot A, Winkler M, Tarantik K, Heuer J, König JD, Jägle M, Bartholomé K.  In Press.  Investigations on novel thermoelectric materials using a high temperature Hall-measurement-setup. Journal of Electronic Materials.
Chi H, Drasar C, Lostak P, Uher C.  In Press.  Low Temperature Transport Properties of Bi2-xInxTe3 Single Crystals. Journal of Electronic Materials.
Katsura Y, Takagi H.  In Press.  Material dependence of sound velocity and minimum phonon thermal conductivity from first-principles. Journal of Electronic Materials.
Schoensee L, Zhang Y, Christensen T, Cleary M, Wang X.  In Press.  Nanostructured Bulk High-Temperature Thermoelectric Generator for Efficient Automotive Waste Heat Recovery. Journal of Electronic Materials.
Ma J., Delaire O., Specht E., Budai J., May A., McGuire M., Hong T., Gourdon O., Abernathy D., Ehlers G..  In Press.  Neutron Scattering Investigation of Phonon Scattering Rates in Ag1-xSb1+xTe2+x . Journal of Electronic Materials.
Vasilevskiy D, Simard JM, Masut R.A., Turenne S.  In Press.  System for the simultaneous Harman based measurement of thermoelectric parameters from 240 K to 720 K with novel calibration procedure. Journal of Electronic Materials.
Yamasaka S, Nakamura Y, Ueda T, Takeuchi S, Sakai A.  In Press.  Thermal and electrical properties of Si films including epitaxial Ge nanodot phonon-scatterers. Journal of Electronic Materials.
Takagiwa Y., Imai E., Yoshida T., Yanagihara D., Kanazawa I., Kimura K..  In Press.  Thermoelectric Properties of Complex Structure Borides: Cu-doped β-boron and ternary Ti10Ru19B8 Compounds . Journal of Electronic Materials.
Jood P, Ohta M, Nishiate H, Yamamoto A, Lebedev OI, Berthbaud D, Koichiro S, Kun, ii M.  In Press.  Thermoelectric properties of misfit layered sulfides (LaS)1+mTS2 (T= Cr, Nb) prepared through CS2 sulfurization. Journal of Electronic Materials.
Carr WD, Morelli DT.  In Press.  Zinc doped solid solutions of CuInTe2 and CuGaTe2. Journal of Electronic Materials.
Kanno T, Takahashi K, Sakai A, Tamaki H, Kusada H, Yamada Y.  2013.  Detection of Thermal Radiation, Sensing of Heat Flux, and Recovery of Waste Heat by the Transverse Thermoelectric Effects. Journal of Electronic Materials.
Fujii S, et al.  2013.  Effect of dynamic interlayer interacraction on phonon thermal conduction in a layered cobalt oxide Ca3Co4O9. Proceedings on the 32rd International Conference on Thermoelectrics, ICT2013.
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Suzumura A, et al.  2013.  Improvement in thermoelectric properties of Se-free Cu3SbS4 compound. Proceedings on the 32rd International Conference on Thermoelectrics, ICT2013.
Dávila D, Tarancón A, Calaza C, Salleras M, Fernández-Regúlez M, San Paulo A, Fonseca L.  2013.  Integration of multiple linked arrays of silicon nanowires into planar thermoelectric microgenerators. Journal of Electronic Materials. 42(7):1925.
Elefsiniotis A., Samson D., Becker T., Schmid U..  2013.  Investigation on the Performance of Thermoelectric Energy Harvesters under Real Flight Conditions. Journal of Electronic Materials. 42(7):2305.
Kita T, Murai J, Banerjee D, Manabe A, Zhang M, Kawai Y.  2013.  Low Thermal Conductivity in High-Z Thermoelectric Materials with Controlled Nanodispersions. Journal of Electronic Materials.
Liu H, et al.  2013.  Phase transition enhanced thermoelectric performance in Cu2Se. Proceedings on the 32rd International Conference on Thermoelectrics, ICT2013.
Zheng G, et al.  2013.  The preparation of large-sized p-type Bi2Te3 based thermoelectric materials and their homogeneity. Proceedings on the 32rd International Conference on Thermoelectrics, ICT2013.
Kubouchi M, et al.  2013.  Quantitative analysis of interstitial Mg in Mg2Si studied by single crystal X-ray diffraction. Proceedings on the 32rd International Conference on Thermoelectrics, ICT2013.