Call for Proposals to host ICT and ECT 2021

The International Thermoelectric Society (ITS) and the European Thermoelectric Society (ETS) solicit organizations from Europe interested in hosting its 40th Annual International Conference on Thermoelectrics (ICT2021) combined with the 19th European Conference on thermoelectrics (ECT2021) in the year 2021.

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ICT2018/ECT2018 Registration is Open, Abstracts being accepted

The ICT2018/ECT2018 organizers are pleased to announce that conference registration is now open on the conference website:

Also as a reminder Abstract submission is also open through March 1, 2018:

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Plan now for ICT2015 - Beating the ICT Abstract deadline rush

The 1st announcement and new website for ICT & ECT 2015 is now out (see below). Mark your calender with important dates now.

As a motivational aide, the figure below is a record of the number of abstracts created leading up the the abstract submission deadline for ICT2014. The vast majority of abstracts were drafted and submitted in a single website session very near the deadline.

Consider the conference organizers. They have little idea of the actual conference turnout, or even if the website and review process can handle the load, until the crush of submssions begins in earnest perhaps two weeks before the abstract deadline. Quite often, as happened for ICT2014, the organizers will elect to extend the abstract deadline somewhat. This gives them some limited ability to manage the number of submissions, but authors should not count on the deadline being extended.

The author too faces a challenge, of course. They naturally want their abstract to reflect their most recent results and may work until as close to the deadline as practical. No system can perfectly balance these opposing factors, but perhaps having some data like this may aid in your planning.

ICT2014 Abstract Submissions

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Call for proposals ICT2016

Call for proposals ICT2016


Dear Prospective Conference Organizer for ICT-2016,

The International Thermoelectric Society (ITS) is soliciting organizations interested in hosting its 35th Annual International Conference on Thermoelectrics (ICT-2016) in the year 2016.  In 2016 the ITS and the local committee in the Asian region will hold in the International Conference on Thermoelectrics.

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