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Other TE Societies

The International Thermoelectric Society is not the only society focused on thermoelectrics. I am aware of a number of organizations with primary interest in, or strong emphasis on, thermoelectric energy conversion. Details for Societies I have specific information on in included in ZT Links and include:

International Thermoelectric Society

European Thermoelectric Society

International Academy of Refrigeration (Russia)

Spanish Thermoelectric Association (Spain)

International Thermoelectric Academy (Ukraine)

Thermoelectrics Society of Japan (TSJ, Japan)

If someone will send me further details on other thermoelectric Societies around the world, I will post the information here.

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FAQs for Prospective ICT orgnaizers

The following note is has been compiled by the ITS webmaster and is issued here as a Request for Comment only. It does not constitute ITS Policy unless and until approved as such.

FAQs for Prospective ICT orgnaizers

The International Thermoelectric Society organizes an annual conference, the International Conference on Thermoelectrics, as the defining activity of the Society. As such ITS has an interest in holding the highest quality conference possible and generally provides the local organizing committee considerable latitude. Yet some guidelines for expectations may be of some help. This note contains information which should be of interest to prospective conference organizers. A brief description of the general solicitation and selection process, support ITS may provide the local organizing committee (LOC) and what is typically expected from the LOC are provided.

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