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+- MRS 2007 Fall Meeting, Symp. U: Thermoelectric Power Generation

I did not attend the MRS 2007 Fall Meeting, Symp. U: Thermoelectric Power Generation held in Boston, MA November 26 - 29, 2007 but reports from those who where there indicate the hall was standing room only for most of the day.  I counted some 132 presentations, which is quite a lot to pack into 4 days.  Titles and authors are available online:

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Materials and Technologies for Direct Thermal-to-Electric Energy Conversion, 2005 MRS Fall Meeting

Materials and Technologies for Direct
Thermal-to-Electric Energy Conversion

Volume 886 from the MRS Symposium Proceedings Series

2005 MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, MA

This volume, the 7th in a series on materials and technologies for direct thermal-to-electric
energy conversion, focuses on recent advances in thermoelectrics and thermionics.
Results presented here indicate acceleration in both the pace of innovation
as well as in materials and device improvements. The volume begins with
an overview of nanoscale thermoelectric research by Mildred Dresselhaus
of MIT. The theoretical and experimental work shown by her on bulk nanocomposites
identifies promising future research directions for both nanocomposites
produced by nanofabrication processes or by chemical methods. The potential
for high-efficiency thermoelectric applications in transportation is also
addressed; it appears that the thermoelectric community could make a significant
contribution to fuel economy and an improved environment. Research on
nanoscale enhancements in materials and devices include: PbTe with nanostructures;
nanostructured chalcogenides; and energy-specific equilibrium in heterostructured
nanowires for high-efficiency thermoelectric energy conversion. The volume
also features a number of theoretical studies that provide a fundamental
understanding of the physics underlying materials and phenomena for thermoelastic
refrigerators and for the filling fraction limit for skutterudites. The
latest advances in thermionic energy conversion are also reviewed. 2006,
hardcover, 68 papers, 512 pages. This volume is also available electronically
on the MRS Web site, with FREE access for all current MRS members

View a complete list of the papers published in this volume.

Volume 886 from the MRS Symposium Proceedings Series

Editors: J. Yang, T.P. Hogan, R. Funahashi, G.S. Nolas

ISBN: 1-55899-840-3
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