ITS Summer Fellowship Award

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Summer Fellowship Award of the International Thermoelectric Society

(ITS Summer Fellowship)

The ITS Summer Fellowship Award was initiated in 2016 to assist a graduate student in the pursuit of research during the summer (May – August) in a field of interest to the ITS and provides financial support for the summer months of study at an institution different from the awardee’s home institution.

Detailed eligibility requirements are announced each year on this website and in the ITSnews email Newsletter. An Award is made if the demanding requirements are met. Click here for the most recent announcements.

Summary of ITS Summer Fellowship Award Winners

Year Awardee Home Institute Summer Study
2016 Stefan Maier University of Caen, France Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, USA
2018 Fanchen Meng Clemson University Shenzhen University, China
2019 Xingchen Shen Chongqing University