Nominations Open for 2018 ITS Postdoctoral Scholar in Thermoelectrics Award

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The International Thermoelectric Society (ITS) announces the inaugural 2018 ITS Postdoctoral Scholar in Thermoelectrics Award to recognize outstanding achievement in scholarship in the field of thermoelectricity. The award carries a cash prize of two thousand US dollars ($2000), honorary membership in the ITS, and a Descriptive Certificate that will be presented at the 37th International Conference on Thermoelectrics (ICT 2018), in Caen, France.   

The award shall normally be bestowed upon a single recipient.

Postdoctoral researcher within 5 years of their PhD whose contributions in theoretical, experimental, synthetic or device research in the field of thermoelectrics are publicly available. 

Criteria for selection:
The winner will be chosen from among the applicants by a Selection Panel which will consider the following items:

  • Journal articles, books, conference proceedings and other public promotion of their work;
  • Presentations at national and international meetings;
  • Other awards or recognition relevant to the field;
  • Letter(s) of recommendation for the award.

Selection Panel:
The 2018 2018 ITS Postdoctoral Scholar Award Committee appointed by the ITS Board of Directors will form a Selection Panel. The Selection Panel will review the Award nominations. On the basis of the opinion of the Selection Panel, the Award Committee will make a recommendation, which is subject to approval by the ITS Board of Directors.

Applications should be sent by email in a pdf file to:

Eric Toberer
Colorado School of Mines

Required materials to be submitted:

  • Cover letter
  • Letter of nomination from postdoctoral advisor and 2 others letters of reference.
  • Resume.
  • Copies of publications, acceptances or submissions in the last 24 months. First authorship will be factored in.
  • Titles and locale of presentations given in the last 24 months.
  • Letters of reference (no more than 3)

The Committee Chair must receive applications by: April 15, 2018