Postdoc position


Postdoc within Membrane Materials for Novel Energy Conversion Processes

A postdoc position is open at the Department of Engineering/Chemistry, Aarhus University, Denmark. The position is for a two year period starting as soon as possible.
The postdoc will be part of a well-funded and newly started group where one of the themes is investigations of ionic transport properties of new membrane materials. The work environment is easy going and the successful candidate will have great opportunity to influence the contents of the projects.
The scope of the projects is investigations of membrane materials for novel energy conversion processes (electrokinetic and thermoelectric conversion of pressure/heat into chemical or electrical energy) and novel electrodialytic processes. This includes:
•    Building up specialized equipment for measurement of ionic transport properties of membrane materials, including electrokinetic and thermoelectric effect, from RT to higher temperatures.
•    Synthesis of new (polymer) membrane materials with specialised transport properties
•    Investigations of transport properties of commercial and new membrane materials and estimate the feasibility of electrokinetic, thermoelectric and electrodialytic processes
The exact responsibilities of the postdoc are not fully defined and will depend on the successful candidates experience and interest. Nonetheless, co-supervision and teaching of PhD, MSc and BSc students is expected.  
It is expected that the applicant has experience within one or more of the fields
•    Instrument building and programming
•    Synthesis/characterisation of polymers/inorganic materials
•    Measurement of  ionic/electrical transport properties (electrodialysis, thermoelectrics or fields similar to this)

Applicants must have a relevant PhD, additionally, have a keen interest in the projects and be able to work in a team.
For more information please contact Associate Professor, Dr. Anders Bentien, Department of Engineering, Aarhus University,, +45 30369515.

Please apply using the link: