Postdoctoral position in CRISMAT Laboratory (Caen, France)


This position is focused on the design of complex sulphide materials, including synthesis, structural and chemical characterization, and transport properties measurements. Applicants should have a strong background in materials science, solid-state chemistry and physics. Experience in synthesis (mechanic-alloying, powder metallurgy, sintering), structure analysis (Rietveld refinement, large instruments facilities, TEM) as well as transport properties measurements would be an advantage.

The applicant will benefit of an ideal environmental with open access to CRISMAT facilities: synthesis techniques (power synthesis, SPS, etc..), X-ray diffractometers, scanning and transmission electron microscopes, low temperature (PPMS, SQUID) and high temperature measurements (ZEM3, Laser Flash, TG/DSC, etc...). The position is awarded for 16 months The postdoctoral stay would ideally begin in March/April/May 2018. Wages : 2060€/month (net salary).

The candidate should possess excellent English communication skills, both oral and written. The candidate must have less than two years postdoc experiences at the hire date.
Interested applicants should send CV, motivation letter and recommendation letters to: Emmanuel Guilmeau, Email:, Tel :+33 (0) 231451367 

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