Postdoctoral researcher in nanotechnology


Aalto University is a new university with over a century of experience. Created from a high-profile merger between three existing leading universities in Finland – the Helsinki School of Economics, Helsinki University of Technology and the University of Art and Design Helsinki – Aalto University opens up new possibilities for strong multidisciplinary education and research. The university has 20 000 students and a staff of 5 000 including 370 professors.

Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Micro- and Nanosciences invites applications for:

POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHER in nanotechnology specializing in thermoelectrics or nanofabrication including biological systems

The Department of Micro- and Nanosciences ( conducts research in the fields of micro- and nanotechnologies. Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have during the past ten years invested strongly in acquisition of large-scale nanofabrication facilities. Presently the joint clean room of the Micronova Research Center is an established and internationally recognized infrastructure used by researchers at the department, by other schools of Aalto University, as well as by other academic and industrial partners. It is expected that the successful candidate will contribute to and benefit from this infrastructure.

Department’s research activities include nanomaterial and nanodevice fabrication technologies.  Present and future electronic, photonic and various sensing devices contain novel nanomaterials and nanostructures that facilitate new functionalities. New directions include application of nanofabrication technologies in life science and multifunctional nanostructured thin film coatings. External research funding sources include the Academy of Finland, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation (Tekes), European Union research programs, and various industrial and corporate partners.

Potential projects include the development of thin film thermal sensors for thermal mapping, as well as conversion of light to transport fuels through integrated optoelectronic cell factories.

The thermal sensor project aims to study the thermal and electrical material properties as well as integrate them to a prototype device and determine the performance of the prototype. The research is a part larger international consortium within the Horizon 2020. The work involves fabrication and characterization of functional thin films on flexible substrates, and design, fabrication and characterization of a sensing device made of those materials.

The proposed research aims to develop and integrate optoelectronic and nanostructured materials with microbes in a hybrid process for efficient conversion of light energy to microbially produced transport fuels. This project is a close collaboration between Aalto University and Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), where our part lies in the material science. The work involves the designing of nanostructured optoelectronic materials for water and carbon dioxide photocatalysis and the use of nanostructured surfaces to enhance the immobilization of cells.

In addition to research work, persons hired are expected to participate in the supervision of students and teaching following the standard practices at the department.

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