Reducing TE losses electronically?


I wonder if anyone has ever taken a look at the attached patent from 1977, "Alternating Current Energy Converter", from Reinhard Dahlberg? I found it quite interesting and plausible. It describes a straightforward method for increasing the efficiency of TE modules by adding their DC output to the two poles of an AC circuit, and then controlling the current in that circuit with capacitance. The internal voltage of the modules is raised, and thermal losses are reduced. The basic principle is described on pg. 11, col. 2, line 45 and on, referencing fig. 1 on pg. 2.  Dr. Dahlberg was a well known inventor working at Siemens and AG Telefunken in the 70s and 80s, and at one point spoke in front of a congressional committee on Hydrogen fuel. Given that and the level of detail, this doesn't seem to be a crackpot scheme on the face of it. I would love to hear an opinion on the workability of the concept. Thanks for reading!

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