Thermoelectric Effect in Metal Dental Restorations - Poster Accepted for VCT2020


The poster entitled "Thermoelectric Effect in Metal Dental Restorations" has been accepted for presentation in the European section of VCT2020. The virtual poster session will take place between 1430 and 1800 CEST on Wednesday 22 July.

A preview of the poster is attached, and the Abstract for it can be read below.

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Keith P Walsh

Thermoelectric Effect in Metal Dental Restorations
Walsh, Keith
Independent, United Kingdom

This will be a composite poster comprising three separate posters previously presented at ICT2017 in Pasadena, ICT2018 in Caen, and ECT 2019 in Limassol. The common theme of the posters is to highlight the fact that the thermoelectric behavior of metallic dental materials and restorations should be known. For example, dental amalgams are inhomogeneous mixtures of dissimilar metals. We should therefore expect their thermoelectric behavior to be more significant than any pure metal or any true alloy. Experimental investigations should therefore have been carried out in order to determine whether any electrical or electromagnetic effect arising from the thermoelectric behavior of metal dental restorations is large enough to dissipate electrical energy through the nerves in people's heads. However, it appears that when considered separately, thermoelectric scientists have been able to find sufficient excuse for ignoring calls made in each of the posters for such investigations to be carried out. The author feels that by presenting all three posters together the argument is made much more powerfully, and anyone with any real understanding of the thermoelectric effect, coupled with a genuine ability to think scientifically, will recognise that our apparent ignorance of the thermoelectric properties of metal dental materials cannot be justified.

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