The X International School on Thermoelectricity

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2019-09-10 to 2019-09-14


Institute of Thermoelectricity

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On September 10 - 14, 2019

The Xth International School on Thermoelectricity

will be held in Chernivtsi (Ukraine)

The School is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the establishing of the International Thermoelectric Academy

The School will be held at the Institute of Thermoelectricity

 Leading specialists in thermoelectricity, academicians and

corresponding members of the International Thermoelectric Academy will deliver a series of lectures on current trends in the development of thermoelectricity during the work period of the School.

Young scientists, doctoral students, graduate students, students and

everyone who wishes to receive topical information on thermoelectricity are invited for participation.


Please visit the website for details about the School