ITS Board Members

This is a list of the current members of the ITS Board. Click on the member's name to send them a message.

Counter Name Expiry Organization
1 Bux, Sabah ITS Board Member 2021-12-31 Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Pasadena, United States
2 cld, Lidong ITS Board Member 2021-12-31 Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, CAS
Shanghai, China
3 Dario Narducci, Dario ITS Board Member 2022-12-31 University of Milano Bicocca
Milano, Italy
4 Eric S. Toberer, Eric ITS Board Member 2020-12-31 Colorado School of Mines
Golden, United States
5 franck gascoin, Franck ITS President 2020-12-31 CRISMAT Laboratory
Caen, France
6 Funahashi, Ryoji ITS Board Member 2020-12-31 National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology
Ikeda, Japan
7 Grin Yuri, Juri ITS Board Member 2022-12-31 Max-Planck-Institut für Chemische Physik fester Stoffe
Dresden, Germany
8 Jing-Feng Li, Jing-Feng ITS Board Member 2022-12-31 Tsinghua, China
9 Park, SuDong ICT Organizer 2020-12-31 Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute
Changwon-si, Korea, Republic of
10 Takao Mori, Takao ITS Board Member 2021-12-31 National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)
Tsukuba, Japan
11 Wojciechowski, Krzysztof ICT Organizer 2022-12-31 AGH University of Science and Technology
CRACOW, Poland
12 Yang Jihui, Jihui ICT Organizer 2021-12-31 University of Washington
Seattle, United States
13 Zevalkink, Alexandra ITS Board Member 2022-12-31 Michigan State University
East Lansing, United States