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  • Submitted by liang@matrixind... on 2020-09-17


    •  Design, build, and test of the mechanical-thermal architecture of new thermoelectric energy harvesting products.

    •  New product CAD  design using Solidworks

    •  Build and test product prototypes to optimize thermal and power output

    •  Drive component selection (heat sink, TIM, fan,… )

    • Optimize thermal solutions using computer simulation.

    • Collaborate with a multi-disciplinary cross-functional team to develop optimal product architectures to meet product requirements

    • Communicate power, thermal, and mechanical requirements to the team



    • BSME required, MS Preferred

    • Experience with CAD  design using Solidworks

    • Experience in thermal analysis

    • Knowledge of heat transfer theory

    • Familiarity with the specification and application of passive and active thermal management hardware, including heat sinks, fans, TIMs, PCMs and heat pipes

    • Familiarity with thermoelectric technology preferred


    Please send resume to:

  • Submitted by on 2020-09-14

    Richard Kurtz

    To whom it may concern,

    I am coaching a team of three high school students who attend high
    schools in New York City.  They are hoping to enter an international engineering
    competition that they have started to work on called the Conrad Challenge.

    They have been working on brainstorming ideas to come up with  unique
    technology-related projects and have some ideas.  For the competition the
    students do not actually physically make the product, they have to propose a
    conceptual product and eventually develop a business plan around the product.
       The are very interested in the application of thermoelectric material to
    generate usable energy especially in cars and or using glass.  But they are open

    to any ideas and opinions.

    I am a retired high school science teacher and wanted to know if there was
    someone who I can talk to in your organization that may be able to identify
    an engineer(s) who may be willing to help me mentor and prepare the students.
       Or just someone to answer some questions from your organization.

    Right now we are in need of mentoring help as soon as possible.

    Any assistance that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    With regards,

    Richard Kurtz
    Science Teacher
    Long Island, NY




  • Submitted by miya@crystal.ap... on 2020-05-18

    A new postdoctoral position is available in the Department of Applied Physics, Tohoku University (Sendai, Japan).  The project aims to achieve the lowest possible lattice thermal conductivity in higher manganese silicide-based and Fe-based intermetallic systems via careful tuning of nano/micro-structures.  The project involves experimental studies on sample preparation, crystal structure analyses, transport property measurements and SEM/TEM observations as well as computations of electronic structures and machine learning.    


    A full description of the position and information of how to apply can be found at:


    More information about our research group, though not well organized in English, can be found at: