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1st Online Workshop on Sustainable Thermoelectrics

From 2020-06-29 to 2020-06-29
At: online
Darmstadt, Germany
Posted by: Michael-Xie
Wenjie Xie
Info Last Updated 2020-05-25

Invitation to the first WST 2020

The first online Workshopon Sustainable Thermoelectrics

Dear colleagues,

Resilient energy conversion technologies and the related materials resources are requested in times like the corona crisis. It reveals the ever-increasing dependence on international supply chains. Local and autarky energy supply technologies would be a solution for this dependence. One of those technologies is the thermoelectricity – the direct conversion of waste heat (e.g. solar or geothermal) into electricity. To promote the exchange of knowledge between university, scientific institutes and industry on the field of thermoelectric as well as the possibility to discuss future co-operations we invite you all to our first ONLINE Workshop on Sustainable Thermoelectrics.


Participants interested in contributing oral are invited to submit abstracts.  


Date:                           June 29th, 2020; 09:00 a.m.

Venue:                         Zoom online meeting

Registration fee:          free

Contact:                      Wenjie Xie, Phone: +0049 6151 1625875;




Tentative invited speakers:

Claudia Felser (MPI Dresden, Germany) (confirmed)

Ryoji Funahashi (AIST, Japan) (confirmed)

Chenguang Fu (MPI Dresden, Germany)

Armin Feldhoff (Uni. Hannover, Germany) (confirmed)

Juri Grin (MPI Dresden, Germany)

Jian He (Clemson Uni., USA) (confirmed)

Andrei Kovalevsky (Uni. Aveiro, Portugal) (confirmed)

Jan König (Fraunhofer-IPM, Germany)

Yury Kolenko (INL, Portugal) (confirmed)

Qiang Li (BNL, USA) (confirmed)

Takao Mori (NIMS, Japan) (confirmed)

Eckhard Müller (DLR, Germany)

Jeff Snyder (Northeast Uni, USA) (confirmed)

Tiejun Zhu (Zhejiang Uni., China) (confirmed)

Jiong Yang (Shanghai Uni., China) (confirmed)

Hongbin Zhang, (TU Darmstadt, Germany) (confirmed)

Barbara Albert (TU Darmstadt, Germany)

Sylvie Hebert (CRISMAT, France) (confirmed)

Kornelius Nielsch (Leibniz IFW Dresden, Germany)

Jürgen Nuss (MPI-Stuttgart, Germany)

…… (to be updated)


If you would like to participate, please send us a confirmation email before May 31, 2020.

 Yours sincerely

 Anke Weidenkaff and Wenjie Xie

XVIII International Forum on Thermoelectricity

XVIII International Forum on Thermoelectricity
From 2020-10-30 to 2020-10-26
Posted by: Lukyan Anatychuk
Info Last Updated 2020-08-02

XVIII International Forum on Thermoelectricity

The forum is dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Academician A. F. Ioffe

We hereby inform you that, due to COVID-19, the Forum will be held online

  • The Forum will be held from Octobser 26 tо October 30, 2020.
  • At the Forum, the following issues will be presented:
    • reports on academician A.F. Ioffe;
    • review reports on the development of thermoelectricity in the regions;
    • scientific reports on various areas of thermoelectricity;
    • reports of candidates for election as МТА corresponding members and academicians;
    • reports of nominees for being awarded the МТА Honorary Golden Prize for achievements in thermoelectricity.
  • Scientific reports presented at the Forum will be published in special editions of the journal «Thermoelectricity», dedicated to academician A.F.Ioffe.
  • The journal is included in the Scopus scientometric database.
  • On October 28, 2020, during the Forum, the General Meeting of the MTA will be held.
  • Those willing to take part in the Forum with presentations (students included), please contact the Organizing Committee to fill in the Forum participant card.

You can find all details in the Forum Programm.

Please contact the Organizing Committee for clarification of any vague issues.
Phone: +380 3722 4 44 22, +380 372 90 31 65
Forum web-page: