Thermoelectric Generator Engineer position available


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Specifically, we are searching for a Thermoelectric Generator Engineer/Principal Investigator. This PI will develop and lead a multi-disciplinary team investigating a new thermoelectric generator device and related scientific phenomenon and developing solution-oriented technology products.
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Application - Thermoelectric Generator Engineer position

I am doctor in materials science and engineering of the Polytechnical Institut of Lorraine (INPL).

I am working actually in EMPA (Swiss Federal Lab for Materials Testing and research) in Switzerland on a project related to thermoelectrics. I was working few months ago in the laboratory of Professor Scherrer on the synthesis and the measurement of thermoelectric properties of PbTe/Bi and PbTe/Te superlatticies by pulse laser deposition and on the thermal conductivity measurement of materials used in a new type of memory.

I am looking for a post-doctoral position in the thermoelectric field starting February 1, 2003. I am working in this field since 1998 and I am convince my experience and knowledge will be very useful for your own projects.

I spend half of my time in laboratory abroad since 1998 and I got valuable know-how. I am very experienced in the measurement of transport properties on thin films and the fabrication and modeling of thermoelectric Microsystems. I wrote numerous software that can be use to obtain the in-plane and cross plane thermal conductivity of thin films both by the 3omega method and by the so called Völklein-method.

I built an experimental setup to measure the thermal conductivity of thin film at the University of Martin-Luther Halle-Winthenberg in Germany and I build an experimental setup to measure the thermopower and the resistivity of thin films in Nancy.

I worked on the modeling and the fabrication of thermoelectric microgenerators in the Nano heat Transfer and thermoelectric laboratory of Professor Gang Chen for 17 months in the frame of my non-military national service. In the course of this stay in United States, I have learned a lot about microfabrications whose are key-technologies for the measurement of thermal conductivity and the fabrication of small thermoelectric devices and whose could be of practical interest for your own projects. I have deepen my knowledge of theoretical aspects of thermoelectricity especially about the benefit of quantum size effects and nanostructures on both the electrical and thermal conductivity of thermoelectric films.

These many experiences make me very flexible and adaptable to almost any project related to thermoelectricity.

You will find my curriculum vitae and a lot of more information at the following address:

and my CV enclosed.

I hope that my education and my experience will fit your need and I will be very happy to hear from you.

Best regards,

Alexandre Jacquot