good CV or bad CV? what do you think?


It would be useful for all if we could begin a discussion on the construction of CVs here.

It would good to hear from both Job seekers and Employer alike as to what you think is a productive and user friendly CV layout and best content?

Personally, I find very detailed CVs to be much more useful than brief resume types, as they tend to encourage me to ask more searching questions where as on a brief CV they tend to get dismissed more readily due to the lack of key words that catch ones attention.

In terms of layout your name and contact details should be followed by the follow headers in this order:

1. [b]A summary about you, your goals and achievements and the right job for you...[/b]

2. [b]Your Qualifications[/b]

3. [b]Your current job, detail all aspects including skills used, achievements, methods employed, progression of status, what you did and how you did it and why you did it, experience gained, type of business and company[/b]

4. [b]Previous positions to include skills employed, achievements, let us know what you did, how you did it and why and who for and for how long?[/b]

5. [b]Describe your interests and spare time activities, we can deduce a lot as to your type of personality here and judge as to what could be the best cultural fit with an employer[/b]

remember most CVs are at first only scan read looking for "key words and phrases" so be sure to make the layout easy to read and simple to follow.

When the right key points are identified then the CV is examined in depth which should encourage more questions that lead to a clear picture of what both the candidate is looking for and can deliver and also for an employers benefit as to whether they are talking to that right person.

Input from employers and candidates could make this a very useful topic and reference point for all, I look forward to reading your postings!

Ian Smith

Carpe Diem Inter-Search