PhD position in Design, modeling and utilization of TE's


As a part of a research project, co-funded by the Danish Strategic Research Council, a 3-year PhD stipend is offered by the Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University, Denmark. The research project, which also involves the Department of Chemistry, University of Aarhus, focuses on material and system design, modelling and utilization of thermo electrical devices in energy systems. The PhD work will primarily be in model development and optimum thermoelectric device design using CFD-based techniques, where the governing equations for thermoelectricity and material properties will be directly implemented.

[i]Qualification requirements:[/i]
Applicants should document proficiency in several of the areas of heat, mass and momentum transfer, computational modelling, in particular computational fluid dynamics, programming, thermodynamics and design methods. Previous documented work or studies involving thermo electrics or energy systems and devices, will be preferable, though not decisive.

PhD stipends are allocated to individuals who hold a Master's degree.

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