postdoc opening, Pacific Northwest National Labs


Dear Colleague,

I am looking for a postdoctoral candidate, to fill a position. The opening is
in an exciting area (see below). If you are aware of any promising candidates,
I would appreciate it if this could be brought to their attention. Or post it
where they might discover it!


James Cowin
Chief Scientist
Environmental Molecular Science Laboratory
Pacific Northwest National Labs (D.O.E.)

Postdoctoral opening in fundamental interfacial studies Soft-Landing Ions
Studies of Liquids, Membranes, Interfaces. Soft landing ion studies use a
unique 1 eV ion source to gently land ions (Cs+, hydronium, ammonium, etc.)
on/in epitaxial built liquid films to study, solvation, confined liquids, charge
transport...etc. see our recent publications Tsekouras et al., Nature 398
(1999) 405; Wu et al. , Science 286 (1999) 2482. We use molecular beams to
create custom liquid-liquid interfaces a monolayer at a time, up to thousands of
monolayers thick. Applications span physical chemistry, biology, atmospheric
aerosols, etc. Currently mapping in detail the solvation potential at the
oil-water interface. Possibly some UHV AFM studies will also be done to
continue single ion solvation studies.

Experiments are conducted at the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory of
the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. This Department of Energy facility
is located in Washington state at the confluence of the Columbia and Snake
Rivers ( Research under direction of Dr. James Cowin at Pacific
Northwest National Laboratory, Box 999, M/S K8-88, Richland, WA 99352, (509)
376-6330, -6066 [FAX], Applicants include resume, date
available and references. Stipend from $41-43K/year plus benefits, depending on
experience. No citizenship restrictions.