Research Engineer - Thermoelectrics and Related Sc


RTI's Thermoelectrics Group in the Center for Semiconductor Research is seeking to fill the position of Research Engineer /Staff Scientist .

The qualified candidate will have a Ph.D. in Physics or Electrical Engineering or Materials Science with 1 to 2 years of experience in the theory and applications of nanostructures and photonic bandgap structures for novel electronic and photonic devices.

Job functions would involve designing, testing, and measurement of thermoelectric materials and devices and include modeling/characterization of nanostructures and photonic bandgap materials.

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Re Research Engineer - Thermoelectrics and Relate

Montreal, November 28 2001

Human Ressources Department

Ms Wilkerson,

Currently, I am working at the engineering physics and engineering materials department at École
Polytechnique de Montréal. I wish to submit my application for Research Engineer - Thermoelectrics and Related Sc.

I have a very good knowledge of the science of materials, in particular in metals, semiconductors (thermoelectric alloys) and dielectric materials (ceramics and polymers). I also have a very good knowledge on images analysis, design new materials, materials processes, planning and project management.

My various work experience in industry and academia have enabled me to develop my skills to work with
groups and to manage my time. I feel that my background and my sense of the responsibilities would
enable me make a contribution at RTI.

I am looking forward to meet you in interview and to transmit all other information that you may request

Sincerely yours

Abdelkhalek SAMI

Abdelkhalek SAMI
1035, Street Jean Talon O, App 10, H3N 1T2 - Montreal (Q C.)
Tel (Res.) (514)-278-8166 E-mail

Masters (Engineering Physics & Engineering Materials)

Objectives of career

To obtain a challenging position with an opportunity to work in the area of the engineering materials where I can apply my skills developed through course work, research, and work experience and also broaden my area of skills.

Academic Formations

 1999/2001 M.Sc.A, engineering physics and engineering materials department (École Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada)
 1992/1995 Ph.D, Materials Sciences (University of Aix Marseilles III, France)
 1991/1992 D.E.A., Radiation & Plasmas (University of Aix Marseilles III, France)
 1987/1991 Bachelors, Engineering Physics (University Hassan II, Morocco).

Professional Experiences

École Polytechnique de Montréal 1999 - 2001.

 Part-time lecturer at École Polytechnique de Montréal within the framework of the course Engineering Materials and Engineering Physics.

Group O.N.A/Engineering Materials Division (France) 08/07/1996 to 16/03/1999.

 Scientist at REMINEX Groups O.N.A (Research and Development center) on valorization and characterization of metallic materials ( Cu, Zn, Al, Ni).

 Interfaces with design and engineering groups for material requirements;
 Defines materials, qualification test plans using internal and external testing facilities
 Responsible for engineering aspect of the company’s Materials Laboratory, including conducting laboratory analysis on production materials, performing chemical analysis on the concentration of chemical treatment baths, and non destructive testing on manufacture parts.

 Control of metallic powders purity by Atomic Absorption and calorimetry;
 Qualification of test and measure for metallic characterization (Size, Shape, Density).
 Development and improvement of materials processes;
 Calibration and maintenance of the characterization equipment;
 Strong experience in metallic and ceramic testing, chemical, analysis, and interpretation of INSTRON, DSC and DTMA testing.

ALCATEL CABLE (France) 07/10 / 1995 to 05/05 / 1996 (France).

 Research at ALCATEL CABLE development of a spectrometer for the characterization of Polyethylene Low Density (PEBD) intended for the insulation of an electric cable high voltage.

 Measure of space charge stored in the dielectric and breakdown voltage;
 Modeling and Simulation to measure space charge profile in materials.

Patent with ALCATEL CABLE 1994 (France).

 Design and fabrication of a fluxmeter (Thermopile Bi-Te) for characterization (breakdown field, failure in ceramics and polymers) in situ SEM at low temperature.

 Choice of the module thermoelectric, allowing detection;
 Study the thermoelectric module sensitivity of allowing the detection of the thermal phenomena.
 Calibration of the module in temperature and of sensitivity under ultra-high vacuum;
 Design of the criteria of mechanical stability.

National Center of Scientific Search (CNRS) Meudon Belle-Vue Paris (5 weeks) France.
 Training in techniques of characterisation of insulators (ceramics, polymers), metals, and semi- conductors by Electronic Scanning microscopy (SEM) coupled with the Microanalysis with X-rays and Mass Spectrometry of the Secondary Ions (SIMS).

Projects and Achievements

Project of the Diploma of advanced Studies (D.E.A)

Laboratory of Physical-Chemistry Materials (Aix-Marseilles I France) 15/01/1992 to 15/07/1992.
 Title of project ' Design and realization of a spectrophotometer with high resolution, allowing optical studies on semi-conductors (III-V) and alloys at low temperature (10K) '.

 Vacuum systems, Cryogenic temperature, electrical characterization, furnacing and braising;
 Diffusion of dopants in semi-conductors;
 Characterisation techniques such as XRD, SEM, Photoluminescence, SIMS.

Ph.D Project

Laboratory of Physical Materials (Aix-Marseilles III France) and ALCATEL CABLE 15/09/1992 to 25/08/1995.
 Title project 'Influence of dielectric polarization phenomena on the thermodynamics properties of insulators charged by a electronic beam in SEM'.

 Performance (Mechanical, electrical and thermal) of (Polyethylene low density (PEBD), Polyméthylmethacrylate (PMMA), (Epoxy) and (polycrystalline Alumina doped with the silver, copper , Y2O3 and Oxide of quartz (SiO2).
 Quantification of breakdown phenomena, failure analysis and aging analysis.
 Optimization of barrier diffusion in ceramics and polymers.

Masters Project

5Nplus.Inc at École Polytechnique de Montréal 15/07/1999 to 30/09/2001.
 Title project ' Study of defects influence on thermoelectric alloys properties Bi2(Te1-xSex)3 doped with SbI3 produced by extrusion'.

 Analyse, test and qualify new materials in use for thermoelectrics (degenerate semi-conductors) applications. My responsibilities included sample preparation for material testing, heat treatment (high temperature) with RF Furnace, test sample under the guidance of engineers, monitor material exposure tests and Lab equipments, data collection, data analysis and reporting.

 Study of transport properties (Electrical conductivity, Thermal conductivity, Thermoelectric power, thermoelectric performance, carrier density and carrier mobility) (HALL Method) in thermoelectric materials Bi2(Te1-xSex)3 doped with SbI3.
 Evaluation of heat treatment on the performance of thermoelectric alloys ZT (n and p type).
 The design problems of thermoelectric heat pumps for transportation facilities.
 Optimisation of multistage thermoelectric cooling system concerning maximum C.O.P.


French (excel) English, Italian (functional)

Computer Skills

Languages COBOL, Fortran 77, Turbo Pascal.
Environments DOS, UNIX and WINDOWS
Good knowledge of the principal software under Windows 98 Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook and MS Project. ABAQUS (FMEA) and STATISTICA.