Post Doc at CSIRO/Australia - Synthesis & Characterisation of Advanced TE Materials


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CSIRO Thermoelectric Post-Doc Announcement

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Job Profile

Reference Number: 2006/1323
Position Title: OCE Postdoctoral Fellowship 2007 - Nanostructured Thermoelectrics
Division: Industrial Physics
Location: Lindfield, NSW
Classification: CSOF4 to CSOF4
Salary Range: $61K - $69K + Superannuation
Tenure: 3 year Term
Applicants: International Applicants Welcome
Relocation Assistance: May be offered to the successful applicant.
Applications Close: 15 Nov 2006
Job Category:
Post Doctoral/Fellowship


CSIRO is Australia’s leading research organisation with over 6,500 staff located across the country. Our purpose is to deliver great science and innovative solutions for industry, society and the environment by igniting the creative spirit of our people.

The Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme provides the opportunity to undertake postdoctoral research projects aligned with the best research teams across CSIRO.

Applications are invited for an OCE Postdoctoral Fellowship in the research area “Nanostructured Thermoelectrics”, a three year post-doctoral appointment with CSIRO Industrial Physics.

At CSIRO Industrial Physics, we apply our specialised knowledge of physical science to develop new products and services for a diverse range of industries such as aerospace, energy, environment and manufacturing.

Position Description

CSIRO Industrial Physics is seeking to appoint a Postdoctoral Fellow to design, fabricate and characterise nanostructured thermoelectric materials with improved figure of merit of ZT>2.

Thermoelectrics is the science and technology of advanced materials which employ the Seebeck effect to directly convert heat energy to dc electrical power. Also, the same materials can convert electrical energy to refrigeration (Peltier effect).

Nanostructured thermoelectric materials hold the promise of a significant increase in the figure of merit ZT and thus efficiency for energy conservation. Higher ZT values will drive the current technology from niche applications to wide-scale uptake in distributed energy such as recovery of waste heat from industrial processes or stand-alone generators for remote and/or hostile environments.

The project will draw on the skills and facilities across CSIRO. As part of the team you will interact with CSIRO Manufacturing and Materials Technology (CMMT) and the Energy Transformed Flagship to develop fully engineered and functional demonstrators for waste heat recovery, establish local and international links and seek support from local industry.

The Postdoctoral Fellowship is available to PhD graduates who have attained, or will shortly satisfy the requirements for, a PhD. It is expected that you will have less than three years relevant experience since conferral of your PhD upon commencement of the CSIRO Fellowship. The Fellowship will provide defined opportunities for formal involvement in research planning, conference attendance, publication and review of scientific papers and fully funded training courses for skills development.

Selection Criteria


* A recent PhD, or will shortly satisfy the requirements for a PhD, in a relevant discipline such as solid state physics, solid state chemistry or materials science
* Skills in advanced materials science and processing of bulk electronic materials
* Ability to contribute new ideas and expertise to impart nanostructure and/or texture in bulk materials
* Ability to communicate research outcomes internally and externally (in written and oral form)
* Sound interpersonal skills
* Self motivation
* Ability to understand budgetary and timeframe constraints and deliver research outcomes within them
* Strong support from knowledgeable referees
* Ability to develop a detailed research plan, and to conduct research independently, but within a team environment
* Ability to excel in the initiation, conduct and management of creative and innovative scientific/engineering research


* Application of advanced materials science and processing skills at the nanoscale within a team environment to fabricate and test nanostructured thermoelectric materials with high ZT
* Ability to complement the team’s existing skills in theory and modelling, bulk and thin film materials, transport measurements, device fabrication, power electronics and heat transfer
* Experience in advanced materials characterization techniques
* Lab VIEW programming of instruments for data acquisition and analysis


CSIRO prefers applications be lodged online via this careers site.

You are required to include two documents (1) "A document Addressing the Selection Criteria" and (2) a "Resume or CV", list of publications and names and contact details of at least two professional referees.

Note: Applications that do not address the selection criteria will not be considered

If you experience difficulties applying online call 1300 301 509 and someone will be able to assist you. Outside business hours please email:

If you are unable to lodge your application online, please fax your application (quoting reference number 2006/1323) to (02) 6276 6707 or alternatively post to:

CSIRO Careers Online
PO Box 225

If after reading the selection documentation you have any questions specifically relating to this position, please contact Dr Nick Savvides via email Do not apply directly to Dr Savvides. Any applications received by this method will not be accepted.

Please use this link to the CSIRO website "Apply Now" function or go to the CSIRO Thermoelectric Post-Doc Announcement to begin an application.

Applications close 15 November 2006.