Vacancies at ONR



I recently took over management of the Physical Sciences Division at
ONR. There are currently 2 permanent government positions being advertised
in Science and C&E News and I anticipate future job announcement for 3
other positions will appear in Physics Today and Science later this
summer. I request your help in encouraging qualified individuals to apply
for these positions.

If you know of motivated, creative individuals, with a strong science base
and who are interested in managing science and technology, please pass this
information along to them. We are looking for people with strong
communication skills and an ability to work across diverse scientific and
user communities. The current openings are for a Solid State and Materials
Chemistry program manager and an Organic, Polymer and Macromolecular
program manager. Both chemists and engineers may apply. US citizenship is
required. The full announcements can be found at

ONR Program Officers typically have experience in universities and/or
government laboratories and/or industry. They are given significant
autonomy and responsibility in setting short and long-term program
directions, in selecting funding opportunities, in managing programs, and
in hands-on working with the various research communities. ONR Program
Officer usually spend 15-30% of their time in travel, visiting universities
and laboratories and industries, attending conferences, participating in
meetings, etc. Overseas travel is not unusual.

Interested individuals should follow guidance in the announcements on our
WEB page or may contact me directly for additional information. These
openings will close on the 23rd of August 2002.

Thank you for your time.


John Pazik, Ph.D.
Director, Physical Sciences
ONR 331
800 N. Quincy St.
Arlington, VA 22217-5660
Voice 703-696-4404
Fax 703-696-6887

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Re Vacancies at ONR


Name Rakesh K. Sharma

Permanent Address 13, Shantiniketan Society, Gohar Baug,
Bilimora – 396 321 Dist. Navsari (Gujarat) India.

Telephone [02634] 83832


Passport Detail B3528149 Dt.of Issue 25/06/01 Dt.of Exp. 25/06/11

Date of Birth 4 th November-1975

Nationality Indian

Sex Male

Marital Status Married

Language Known English , Hindi , Gujarati


Degree Specialization Institute Awarded Class
B.Sc. Chemistry S.G.University
Surat 1996 First-Dist. class (70.3%)

M.Sc. Organic Chemistry S.G.University
Surat 1998 First-Dist. class (76.5%)

Degree Specialization Institute Awarded Title of the thesis
M.Phil. Chemistry
Surat 2001
Interaction of surfactant micelles with polymers

Ph.D. Chemistry
Surat 2002
Surfactant properties of ethylene oxide-propylene oxide block copolymers

Field of Interest Surface, Colloid and Polymer Chemistry Polymer-surfactant
Interaction, Mixed Micellar Systems, solution behavior of PEO-PPO-
PEO triblock copolymeric surfactants

Computer Skills Literate (MS-office, Coreldraw, Chemwind, Harvard Graphics etc.)
Research Experience

Project Handled
# Associated with a University Grant Commission (U.G.C.) New Delhi, sponsored project No Entitled, " Interaction of surfactant micelles with Polymer " No.F.12-36/98 (SR-I)
as Project Fellow since August- 1999 to October-2001.

# Worked three month for measure thermodynamic properties of Binary Mixtures at
Department of Chemistry, S.P. University, Vallabh Vidyanagar.

Research Papers Published/communicated in Reputed Journals

(1) Temperature and Salt-Induced Micellization of Some Block Copolymers in Aqueous Solution
J. Surf. Deterg., 3 (2000)193-199
(2) Effect of Additives on the Micellization of PEO / PPO / PEO Block
Copolymer F127 in Aqueous Solution.
Colloids Surfaces A., 178 (2001) 57-69
(3) Clouding and Aggregation behavior of PEO/PPO/PEO and PPO/PEO/PPO
Block Copolymers in aqueous solutions.
Tenside Surf. Deterg., 39 (2) (2002)
(4) Clouding behavior of Aqueous Solutions of a PEO-PPO-PEO Block Copolymer in
the presence of different Additives
J. Surf. Sci. Tech., 17 (No.1&2) (2001)
(5) Effect of different Additives on the Cloud Point of a PEO-PPO-PEO Block
Copolymer L64 in Aqueous Solution.
J. Surf. Deterg., 5 (2) (July-2002)
(6) Interaction of some water soluble Polymers with Ionic Surfactants in Water
J. Dis. Sci. Tech. [Communicated Dec.2001]
(7) Mixed micelles of Triton X-100 and Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate and their Interaction with Polymers
J. Dis. Sci. Tech. [Accepted June.2002]
(8) Effect of Hydrotropes on the Aggregation behaviour of Ethylene oxide/poly
propylene oxide/ ethylene oxide Block Copolymer L62 in Aqueous Media.
Colloids Surfaces A. [Under preparation]
(9) Hardness Tolerance of Anionic Surfactant in the presence of Nonionic Surfactants.
Tenside Surf. Deterg., [Communicated Dec.2001]

Symposium/Workshops Attended
• Workshop on ‘Patent Awareness’ organized by Department of Chemistry, S.G.University, Surat & Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Surat on 30th December, 2000.
• ‘National Symposium on Polymers’ organized by Department of Chemistry, S.P.University, Vallabh Vidyanagar (Anand) on 12&13th March, 2001.
• ‘Tenth National conference on Surfactants, Emulsions and Biocolloids’ organized by Department of Chemistry, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong & Indian society of surface science and technology (ISSST), Calcutta on 3-5 October,2001.
• Workshop on ‘Surfactants Theory and practices’ organized by Department of Chemistry, M.S.University, Vadodara on 27th December, 2001.

Other Achievements
• At school level participated in District Science Seminar in District Science Center, Dharampur, Valsad held in December-1990.
• Man of the Match award in the Inter class cricket tournament held in January-1995

Extra Circular Activities
Playing Cricket, Listening Music, Painting, Drama, Organizing events

1. Dr. P. Bahadur,
Professor, Department of Chemistry,
South Gujarat University, Surat-395 007. (Gujarat) INDIA.
Tel (0261) 3222647

2. Dr. N. V. Sastry,
Reader, Department of Chemistry,
S.P. University, Vallabh Vidhyanagar-388120 Anand.(Gujarat) INDIA.
Tel (02692) 36689

[Rakesh Sharma]