Synthesis and thermoelectric properties of KyCo4Sb12

TitleSynthesis and thermoelectric properties of KyCo4Sb12
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsPei YZ, Chen LD, Zhang W, Shi X, Bai SQ, Zhao XY, Mei ZG, Li XY
Journal TitleApplied Physics Letters

Polycrystalline K-filled CoSb3 are synthesized successfully. The uplimit for K filling is at least 0.45, being higher than those of either alkaline-earth (AE) or rare-earth (RE) metals but being in consistent with our earlier theoretical prediction. The measured transport properties (300–800 K) show that K filling does not lower thermal conductivity much in comparison with AE or RE filling due to the relatively low mass of K atom. However, it improves electrical conductivity, retains large Seebeck coefficient, and leads to a reasonably good thermoelectric performance for the filled skutterudites. The maximum figure of merit ZT reaches 1 at 800 K for K0.38Co4Sb12.

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