Need a thermoelectric job


I am a PhD candidate at the UK center for applied energy research. I am planning on defending my dissertation by the last week of March, 2008.

I am seeking a job in the areas of mechanical, thermal fluids or thermoelectric power generation.

Over the last six years I have been involved in a range of research projects from computational to experimental research. I started out my Masters research by working at the advanced computational fluid dynamics (ACFD) group. I have developed a three-dimensional FORTRAN code to solve thermal transport in a thin metal films irradiated by laser pulses. Since December of 2004, I have been working at the UK center for applied energy research (CAER) in the carbon materials group. I have been working in the field of carbon nanotubes. I have also produced various boron and nitrogen doped carbon nanotubes for semiconductor applications. I have used these doped nanotubes to generate thermoelectric power. I have built and tested a number of thermoelectric cells and modules using carbon nanotubes. I have also built CNT based photovoltaic cells. I have been able to successfully study the growth kinetics of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) synthesized via chemical vapor deposition method. I have used CFD to solve a number of academic and industrial problems. Additionally, I have assisted researchers at CAER to develop advanced composite materials using carbon fibers/carbon nanotubes.

I have worked independently and as a team on a variety of projects. I have been able to quickly learn whatever research area I have been exposed to by reading a number of journal articles and by communicating with experts all over the world. I have been able to produce constructive results in a short amount of time. Please look at my resume for further details.

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