PhD position at Aalborg University, Denmark


Design, modeling and optimization of thermoelectrical power generation devices

The PhD stipend is a part of a research project, co-funded by the Danish Strategic Research Council at the Department of Energy Technology.

The research project, which will be carried out in close cooperation with the Department of Chemistry, University of Aarhus and several Danish and international industrial and academic partners, focuses on material and system design, modelling and utilization of thermoelectrical devices in energy systems. The PhD work will primarily be in model development and optimum thermoelectric device design using different modelling approaches including CFD-based techniques, where the governing equations for thermoelectricity and material properties will be directly implemented. One of the main targets of this work is to mathematically describe the relevant transfer processes within thermoelectric modules and integrate these into comprehensive, multiphysics models of entire thermoelectric generators, which can be applied to real design and optimization of such devices.

More info here: or Professor Lasse Rosendahl, phone: +45 9940 9263 / +45 2145 1114, email:
Application deadline: 16.09.08