Post-doc, on Clathrates at U. of South Florida


A postdoctoral position in experimental Materials Physics is open for immediate availability in the Novel Materials Laboratory in the Physics Department at the University of South Florida under a Department of Energy funded research program.  The research involves the discovery of new clathrate and related materials, as well as physical properties measurements in developing fundamental structure-property relationships. The position will require experience in the synthesis of inorganic, non-oxide, materials of varying types and their structural and chemical characterization. The research also involves electrical, thermal and magnetic property measurements. Excellent communication skills (oral and written) are necessary as daily interaction with students and researcher scientists in a group environment, as well as written reports and oral presentations, is typical. The ability to set-up and maintain laboratory equipment is also required. The position also requires excellent organizational skills. A PhD in experimental Materials Physics or related field is required and postgraduate experience is desirable. 


Applicants should send an e-mail with current position and a list of research accomplishments and goals, and include attachments that contain (i) a resume; (ii) list of publications; (iii) list of conference presentations; (iv) a statement of research experience that directly addresses the above requirements and (v) at least four references to an e-mail with the phrase “ITS - clathrate postdoc position” in the subject line to


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