Postdoc for development and synthesis of ceramic thermoelectric materials


Do you want to help develop innovative and environmentally friendly energy technologies for the future?

The Fuel Cells and Solid State Chemistry Division at Risø DTU is among the world’s research leaders in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) – a technology for clean and efficient conversion of chemical energy (in the form of, e.g., natural gas, hydrogen, biogas, ammonia or methanol) into electricity and heat. In addition we have activities within a number of related topics, in particular ceramic thermoelectric materials.

Thermoelectric materials directly convert thermal gradients into electric current (and vice versa). They hold great promise for applications in refrigeration and power generation technologies. A major challenge in thermoelectric materials development is to manipulate the structure and physical properties of these systems in order to improve electrical conductivity, Seebeck coefficient and simultaneously reduce thermal conductivity. This is needed to improve the so-called figure of merit of the materials. To strengthen our activities within thermoelectrics we are seeking a motivated postdoc for the Program for Thermoceramics.

Ceramic materials (oxides) can be made with large thermoelectric power while maintaining a reasonable electrical conductivity. However, to have a large figure of merit a low thermal conductivity is also needed. The project will explore new oxides for thermoelectric applications and investigate to what extent doping may influence the thermoelectric properties. Series of materials will be selected, synthesized and characterized to determine the dependence of the figure of merit on doping level as well as the electronic structure of these materials.

• Ph.D. in engineering, materials science, physics, chemistry or similar
• experience with synthesis of thermoelectric materials
• good knowledge of solid state physics
• preferably experience with materials characterization methods, e.g. X-ray, transport property measurements and SEM/TEM
• preferably experience with thermoelectric modeling
• ability to work independently, to plan and carry out complicated tasks, and to be a part of a large, dynamical group
• good communication skills in English, both written and spoken

We offer an exciting and challenging job in an international environment, good possibilities for professional and personal growth, and a family friendly organization with flexible working hours.

The terms of employment will be in accordance with those of the scientific staff at Risø DTU. Salary will depend on qualifications and experience. The position is for a fixed duration.

Application Deadline:
We must have your online applicatoin by 25 January 2009. Please fill in the application form and attach your CV.

Online application:

Applicants are encouraged to contact with Head of programme for more detail:
Dr. Pryds
+45 4677 5752

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