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Hi-Z Technology offers Major Collection of TE books and Proceedings Available for only Shipping Cost

Hi-Z LogoA major collection of over 100 books/proceedings, etc including a number of old ICT, MRS, ASM proceeding materials and books, as well as a whole variety of science/physics books are available at no cost to any organization, University, Institute or individual willing to pay shipping cost.

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ICT2020 Call for Abstracts: due Dec. 15, 2019


Call for Abstracts



On behalf of the Conference Chair, Professor Jihui Yang, we invite all scientists and engineers working on thermoelectrics to participate the 39th International Conference on Thermoelectrics (ICT 2020), June 28 to July 2, 2020, at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA.


Abstract Submission

(Due date: Dec. 15, 2019)

Please send your abstract for ICT 2020 using the Abstract Submission Form by e-mail.

The Abstract Submission Form is online for downloading below or at the link:

Please send filled abstract forms to the ICT 2020 official e-mail:

If you have questions concerning submission of your abstract, please also feel free to write to this e-mail.


The following is a list of topics for the oral or poster presentations available at ICT 2020. Please choose one of the topics in the Abstract Submission Form that your work mostly relates to. The final program topics may be slightly different or more specific depending on the submitted abstracts.

A. Classic thermoelectric materials

B. Quantum materials

C. Superionic conductors

D. Oxides and oxyselenides

E. Chalcogenides and Zintl phases

F. Organic and hybrid materials

G. Mg3Sb2 and related materials

H. Low-dimensional and nanoscale systems

I. Other new materials and concepts

J. Characterizations and processing

K. Theory and modeling

L. Thermoelectric devices and applications

M. Memory for G. Slack

N. Other topics


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XVII Interstate Conference Thermoelectrics and their Applications (ISCTA 2020)

Event Date(s): 

2020-05-24 to 2020-05-28


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Alexander Burkov

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Glen A Slack 1928-2019: a giant and friend

Glen was already a giant when I first met him at GE in 1984. The year I was born he established isotope scattering as the main source of thermal resistance at low temperatures in Silicon. Isotope scattering is a special case of mass fluctuation scattering, without which we'd probably have no useful thermoelectric materials at all. 

Slack, Glen A. "Effect of isotopes on low-temperature thermal conductivity." Physical Review 105, no. 3 (1957): 829.

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Prof. Jiong Yang from Shanghai University Wins ITS Young Investigator Award

The International Thermoelectric Society is pleased to announce Prof. Jiong Yang from Shanghai University has won the 2019 ITS Young Investigator Award.

A summary of previous Young Investigator Award winners is available here.

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