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XIII General Session of the International Academy of Refrigeration - 2006

The General Session of the International Academy of Refrigeration (IAR) was held in St. Petersburg, Russia on April 18 – 19, 2006.

As it is usual the Program of the Session included a report of the IAR President Dr. Alexander Baranenko, reports of National and Regional Departments. The President’s report is published in the magazine “Refrigeration technics” (Moscow):
31 new individual members have been elected at the Session but nobody was nominated for the IAR’s Section for Alternative Methods of Refrigeration. The list of elected IAR members also is published in the magazine “Refrigeration technics”

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2007 European Thermoelectric Conference in Odessa Ukraine

The board of the European Thermoelectric Society voted unanimously at their annual meeting held 10 April, 2006 in Cardiff to hold the 2007 European Thermoelectric Conference in Odessa Ukraine.

Vladimir Semenyuk will be Conference Chairman, he has confirmed to that the conference will be held in the month of September 2007 in Odessa. A first announcement will be sent out in Summer 2006.

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ZTspam: ITS Announces 2006 Young Investigator Award; Call to Host 2007 ETC

- ZTspam for 20060430 (That's April 30, 2006)
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First Circular ICT06

This notice was mailed by the ICT2006 organizer to ICT2006 Participants:

First Circular ICT06, 20th April, 2006

Dear Participants of ICT06

This is the first information on the status (20 April 2006) of registration
and on scientific contributions received. The Organizing Committee of ICT06
inclines to accept all your contributions, although some of you have not
respected the constraints on the style of the abstracts as well as on the number
of contributions per registered conference participant.

With respect to the limited time of ICT06 and despite we will run afternoons
in two parallel sessions, we will have time only for about 90 oral contributions.

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+- Post Doc with Prof. George S. Nolas, Univ. S. Florida

Prof. George S. Nolas, Web:

A postdoctoral position in experimental Materials Physics is open for
immediate availability in the Novel Materials Laboratory in the Physics
Department at the University of South Florida under a Department of
Energy funded research program. The research involves the search for
new materials for power conversion applications including synthesis,
characterization and physical properties measurements. Good
communication skills (oral and written) are required and daily
interaction with students and faculty in a group environment is typical.
The ability to set-up new equipment and experiments as well as maintain
existing equipment is also required. A PhD in experimental Materials
Physics or related field is required and postgraduate experience is

Applicants should send an e-mail with current position and a list of
research accomplishments and goals, and include attachments that contain
(i) a resume; (ii) list of publications; (iii) list of conference
presentations; (iv) a statement of research experience and (v) at least
three references to

[Posted by ZTS Webmaster]

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+- Call for Nominations to the ITS Board of Directors

Nominations are now open for new ITS Board Members. Elections will be held during ICT2006 in Vienna for three positions which will be vacant at that time. ITS would like a diverse field of at least 6 candidates, based on your nominations, to fill these vacant positions.

Terms of four current ITS Board members will expire as ICT2006 opens:

Jean-Pierre Fleurial
Kunihito Koumoto
Michael D Rowe, ITS Secretary
Jean Claude Tedenac

This is one of your opportunities to see that areas of interest to you are well represented on the ITS Board. Please take a moment now to make a nomination. Full details are available here:

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+- ICT2006 Updates

[Webmasters note: I'm passing along this message dated March 10, 2006 from the ICT2006 Chairman, Prof. Peter Rogl]

Dear Participants of ICT-06,

This is just a short reminder that our website of ICT-06
( is ready to take your registration. Abstracts
for ICT-06 are due on 8th of April - please use our template in doc format
(you will find it in the website). As I am using several email-lists you may
eventually get this reminder again.
Looking forward in seeing you at ICT06

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Post-doc position in CRISMAT, Caen

Post-doc position on Thermoelectric oxides

Subject : Synthesis and Characterization of new thermoelectric oxides

In the laboratory CRISMAT, an intense research program is dedicated to the investigation of the thermoelectric properties of different families of oxides. We are currently looking for one post-doctoral fellow, for one year. The applicant will be in charge of the synthesis of these oxides by standard solid state chemistry, their structural characterization by X-Ray diffraction, and the measurements of their transport properties (resistivity, thermal conductivity and Seebeck coefficient). This work is closely connected to an industrial contract.

Applicant profile :
The candidate should be an expert in solid state chemistry, ceramic growth by standard solid state reaction, and characterization by X-Ray diffraction. A good experience with transport measurements is desirable.

Application form :
The candidates should send their CV to Prof. Bernard Raveau ( The position is already open and the applicant should start as soon as possible.

Bernard Raveau
Laboratoire CRISMAT
6 Bd du Maréchal Juin
14050 Caen Cedex

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+- Call for Candidates: 2006 Young Investigator Award

Posted by its-webmaster on 20060303

The International Thermoelectric Society (ITS) announces the ITS Young Investigator Award for Excellence in Research in Thermoelectrics by a young investigator who holds a permanent position in either: academia (tenure track), industry, government lab or scientific institute (e.g. The Max Planck Institute). This award is to be given to a young researcher who has exhibited a record of excellent original work and significant results in the field of thermoelectrics or thermoelectric materials. The recipient should have shown significant research in the early stages of their career.

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