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Laird Technologies (Melcor) Acquiers Supercool

Laird Technologies announced on December 6, 2006 the acquisition of Supercool (Coollab AB). the Gothenburg, Sweden based "provider of custom designed thermoelectric based assemblies" with 2006 sales of about US$11M, according to the Laird Press Release.

Laird acquired Melcor for about US$20M in late 2005.

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Shanghai International Convention Center

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Ultra Low K = Good Science

Last summer at ICT2006 in Vienna David Johnson of the University of Oregon presented a paper (Johnson et al, "Engineering Low Thermal Conductivity in Novel Thermoelectric Materials", presented at ICT2006 but does not appear in the Proceedings) which is of interest both for the scientific results, but also because it represents an excellent example of how Good Science is done. Sadly, the paper does not appear in the Conference Proceedings, but that work (and more) has now appeared in Science [1] (see below for a link to the Science manuscript). I've waited until now to comment, to give Johnson and his collaborators time to publish their results. But much of my commentary is based on his presentation in Vienna, some of which does not appear in the Science article.

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ICT2007 Call For Papers - 20061227

Dear. All ITS members and whom it may concern

Call for Papers

The Korean Scientific Committee for ICT 2007 is pleased to invite you for paper submission both for oral and poster presentation, and the topics are to be in regards with the categories as below:

We are planning to have conference abstracts printed in a scientific citation indexing journal, “Solid State Phenomena” (SSP). For the further development of ICT and to enhance the standing of the conference, we would appreciate the active participation of all participants.

Therefore, those wishing to be published by SSP must submit a 4- to 6-page full paper along with its publication and dispatch fees which should be paid separately from the conference registration fee.

+- Proceedings from 2006 ICT in Vienna: current status

Dear Attendees of the International Conference on Thermoelectrics 2006,
and those ordering ICT'06 printed books --

We are behind the original schedule for producing the CD-ROM and book from
ICT 2006 in Vienna because of some issues with getting several of the final
papers. However, I can report that the CD-ROM is finished and has been
delivered to me, and the books are being printed early next week.

So, the new schedule is as follows:


Your CD-ROM should be shipped by about December 22nd and should arrive
about a week later (at the end of December or early in January). These will

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This website now moderated

This site has implemented spam-control methods similar to those used for email.  Suspicious posts will be automatically flagged as 'spam' pending webmaster review.  Most ordinary posts will be visible on the site immediately.  Only content somehow related to thermoelectrics (or energy conversion generally) will be retained.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

- Your ITS & ZTS Webmaster.

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